Forest Fires can sweep through in a matter of hours and destroy your home and property; however with proper clearing and thinning you are able to prevent and set up safe guards against such peril. Our Skid Steer is able to thin away large areas of brush and we have a qualified former Forest Service sawyer that can safely remove trees that are threatening your home and property. 

Through out the years it is amazing how dust and dirt can collect on your house or deck with out you even knowing. For that reason our customers are amazed at how much brighter there houses and decks look after being pressure washed. With Hotz hot water pressure washing you are able to get a powerful, safe clean. Our trained team can clean your home with out worry of damage. With a fresh washing, your house can look better than you could imagine.

Summers in Montana are short and precious get out and enjoy it. Rocky Mountain Super Vac has the top of the line equipment for mowing and edging your lawn. We also have Montana certified weed sprayers. We are able to spread and prevent unsightly weeds coming up in your yard. We also fertilize to keep your yard looking its best. Our team is also trained in irrigation repairs for exsting irrigation systems. Maintaining your irrigation can save you big bucks.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful summer and let us care for your yard. 

Lawn Care


Installing a new yard or just looking to upgrade, let RMSV do all of the heavy lifting.

Injuries from winter falls account for more injuries than you could imagine. We want to ensure your safety at the most important location, your home. Ice melt will melt the snow off and  provide a safe place for you, your family, and your guest to walk. Gravel can help you get home if you live on mountain roads and prevent slipping and car accidents. Traction is your friend during the winter months.

Don't worry about going into the cold to shovel your drive when RMSV makes regular rounds through neighborhoods.

Snow Plowing


Rocky Mountain Super Vac offers a vast variety of services to encompass all your property needs all year round. 

Residential Services

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Fields are a challenge to mow, with our Kabota Tractors we can easily get your job done.

Before                             After

Keep your property safe from fire and other hazards by having it regulary thinned.

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Pressure Washing

Acreage Cutting

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Have a trained professional work with you to plan out your new landscaping, working with your taste and the proper plants it is easy to get a beautiful layout desgined. Save yourself the money of renting the equiptment and the endless weeks of labor. Our highly trained staff can help you from design to completetion. We will work with you and your budget. 

Hot water pressure washers can give decks and houses a whole new look.

We all know ice is slippery, so don't risk it.


Rocky Mountain Super Vac

From paved drive ways to mountain roads Rocky Mountain Super Vac has a machine for them all. Our trucks can take on any drive way and if you need your narrow road widened we have a snow blower attachment that can get it done. Boss snow plows are the best snow plows out there and we have them on every piece of our equipment. Montana weather is no match for our fully loaded trucks.

There is no shortage of wide open spaces in Montana and if you have  unmaintained acreage then you know some of the challenges it can present. Rocky Mountain Super Vac has a Kabota Tractor that can handle any size field. Our tractor is efficient and can help keep your property looking its best.